Top 5 Best website to download the subtitles for free – List

Are you watching a film and it is different from your mother language, then in this situation, Subtitles are a good option. So we have brought for you the top 5 subtitles website, let’s gets started.

It fell comfortable when you understand the language and what people are saying in the movie or video.

Best Subtitle website

We give you only 5 websites but believe me they are workable you don’t need to search too much they fit all types of categories like Movies, Videos, Web series, and others.

Lists Of Subtitle Website.

  • OpenSubtitle
  • SubtitleCat
  • Addic7ed
  • Yify
  • DivX

1. OpenSubtite.

OpenSubtitle is an open-source website where you can download all movie subtitles in your mother language.

This website offers you to download subs for both movies and TV series. On an open subtitle website, you can also upload your subtitle file To the website.

On this website, you will find lots of subtitles, and choose your languages before downloading the subs.

How to find subtitles in your language?
If you want movie subtitles in OpenSubtitle enter the movie name in the search box and select the language in which you want the subtitles, and download it.

2. SubtitleCat.


The subtitlecat is also an open-source sub-website where you can find various subtitles of the movie and videos.

If you are finding looking for Japanese Video subtitles this website is perfect for JAV subtitles.

This website has lots of sub in various languages it also offers you to upload a subfile on their website.

How to find the subtitles and download them on the SubtitleCat website?
If you find a movie subtitle just enter the movie name in the search box and click on the search button list of subtitles are appear click on that and choose your language and download it.

3. Addic7ed.

ADDIC7ED is a common subtitle website where you can easily find the movie subtitle and TV shows this website has their arrangement to show the next release of tv shows.

How to Search the subtitles on ADDIC7ED?
If You are looking for a search box after visiting the site you can’t find it. First, you have to sign up or log in to search for movies on ADDIC7ED.

Once you sign up or log in then you can easily search for the movie in the search box and download it.

4. YIFY.

YIFY is the simplest form of Subtitles website on the front page of the YIFY SUBTITLES website you can find the latest release of the movie.

This website offers various subtitles for movies in different languages. you can easily search for any movie sub on this website by entering the movie name and hitting enter button.

Remember this website only offers you movie subtitle you can’t search for web series and others.

5. DivX.

If you are looking for DVD, DivX, HDTV you must go to this website. This website provides a huge subtitle file for your movies.

How to search the subtitle on the DivX website?
You first need to log in or sign up to perform a search on this website. After login, you can easily perform any search in the search bar.

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