Immediately delete this Malware Android Apps.

Thousands of apps are released Nowadays but not everyone app gives you as benefits as you think some apps trick your Android device and steal your data.

When it comes to data safety we know how much its import in our life because we keep most of our files and information in our smartphone.

It’s now common to hear about malware apps nowadays. When downloading any apps on our smartphone we should have to keep information about the app.

This time a new app is dedicated to containing malware and the application has downloaded over 2 million downloads this means lots of people downloaded this application on their devices.

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The Application name was Fast Cleaner & Cooling Master this app claim to improve your device performance but in reality, they steal your personal data.

Not only this app many apps are published on the play store. A website name doctorweb discovers many apps that contain malware like Volume Music equalizer, Bluetooth device auto-connect, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB Driver.

You may think this app gives you benefits but in reality, all apps are stealing your data and slowing your smartphone.

Earning App name Tube Box claim to give money when user watch videos and collect rewards point reward point convert into money but you never get it because the app gives some reason like the server not working, Maintenance time etc.

However, They all are scammers, and there aim to cheat you but by using some tips you can save your smartphone from malware Application.

1. Do not download the application form outside or third parties websites because it has a high chance to contain malware.

2. Do not download MOD Applications and Games like GBWhatsapp and other App.

3. Do some research about the application.

4. Only give the necessary permission to the application.

5. Always check Reviews of the Application. The review is amazing things it gives you ideas about the app

While checking reviews also check critical or negative reviews.


How do I know if I have malware app?

Various reasons but commons are battery drain fast, Lagging in normal uses, Unwanted activity on your phone like pop-up ads or to much data consumptions.

What is a malware app?

It is nothing but a unwanted application that steal your personal data like, media, location mobile active, behaviour or camera.

What is the best app to remove malware?

There is not great a method to remove malware form apps but if any app you suspect immediately Uninstall it.

How do I check for malware on my phone?

Use Playprotect to scan your all apps this is best way to chek any apps contains malware or not.

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