These Apps are Stealing your Data Uninstall it now – Google issue warning

We know how data safety plays an important role in our life because it includes many serious information like Financial messages call logs, WhatsApp message and many more.

In reality, many apps sell your data to a third party for advertising, or they also sell your data to a scammer.

malware application

They also run some miscellaneous code in the background to steal your data. So before installing the application please do some research on it.

List of 4 Banned Applications from Play Store.

These four Applications are now removed from Play Store but what about who downloaded them before?


  • Bluetooth Auto Connect.
  • Bluethoot App Sender.
  • Mobile Transfer: Smart Switch
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

All four Application was Published by one user name Mobile Apps Group and these applications are downloaded in millions from the play store.

How these App trick users into Download Some Spy Apps?

This application tricks the user by downloading spyware or automatically redirects to unknown websites without the user’s permission.

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According to some resources {Malwarebytes}, these apps automatically open some sites in chrome like Pay per click, Adult sites, websites that forced to allow notifications, and forced to download spyware by telling your phone to have some virus dedicated or Phone running slow need to clean.

This task is also performed in the background while your smartphone is locked. When you unlock your device chrome open it with a new site and this cycle continues. While in another side your browsing history is full of these junky sites.

However, these all applications are now removed from Google Play Store if you are a user of this app then immediately uninstall it.

Also Before Downloading Any Application, please check all reviews including positive and negative so you can get an idea about the Application.

Quick tips Before downloading any Application.

1. Always Download Application on the Play Store or Apple Store

2. Chek both {Positive & Negative} reviews of the Application.

3. Do Not download any modified Application.

4. Research on it

5. Allow only necessary permission to the App.

6. If you found something wrong with the applications uninstall them immediately.

Hope this article is helpful to you if you found something helpful, please share it.

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