WhatsApp New Features User Can Track Call history from desktop App

WhatsApp Application is a daily life routine to receive the imports call and messages. Now WhatsApp Rolling out Call history for desktop application.

WhatsApp users can track their call history from Desktop Application.

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Nowadays WhatsApp releasing different types of features like creat poll, Screenshots not allowed and now this Call taking history for desktop application.

While call history features are available for a long time in mobile applications but it’s not available for desktop applications. And Now it available for beta desktop applications only.

From the Source, WhatsApp released this feature only in beta testing desktop applications. Since this is Beta testing so the user can’t sync the call history palace from the desktop applications.

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This feature comes After the ability to create polls on WhatsApp Application. WhatsApp also trying to roll out other features in the feature.

Now main point how you can view the call history placed from desktop applications .

Guide to view Call history of Whatsapp desktop version.

To view, the call history user needs to install the latest version of the WhatsApp Beta desktop application from Microsoft Store {Version: 2.2246.40}

After Installation of WhatsApp desktop application just follow the steps mentioned below.

Quick steps to View Call history of WhatsApp.

  • Open the Latest Desktop version of WhatsApp Beta.
  • After Opening it Three Logo appear in left Side of the screen
  • Tap on the Phone Logobelow the Chat button
  • Now A list of call history appear.
  • If You are not able to Catch we also include the demo Images below for a better understanding just follow it.

    whatsapp call desktop step

    This is image represent of whatsApp call history on desktop version.

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