Is Fast Charging Destroying Your Mobile Battery life? – Know the truth

Nowadays Fast charging is common for every smartphone because everyone wants to buy a smartphone that runs more.

But do you know in some cases fast charging is not bad for you because it saves more time than normal charging. Normal charging takes around more than 2 hours but if we talk about fast charging it takes around 30 to 35 minutes.

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When Mobile phones come into the market the user demand is a high run time of smartphone batteries. Because Android devices consume power quickly and also charging time is high around more than 2 hours.

Manufacturers of smartphones take user feedback and lunch high-powered mobile batteries like 5000 mah.

But the issue is charging a 5000mah battery takes 2 to 3 hours and this is annoying for any user to wait a long time to use their mobile.

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So they launched fast charging for smartphones and you know fast charging is not bad for batteries. Problems come when a Smartphone battery charges at a high speed and it creates heat and heat is the main problem.

The heat produced in the battery beyond the limits can cause many serious problems like Damage to the battery, in some cases smartphone batteries get to explode.

Heat generates in the smartphone battery due to the rapid follow of current because the battery consumes more energy in less time.

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The manufacturer worked a long time on this serious issue and they implement a cooling system for the battery they also include many sensors to detect the battery heat if heat is extended the sensor allows it to follow less current from the charger and slow the charging speed.

They also change the battery design and divided it into two parts to decrease the heat produced in the battery.

If we look at real facts the battery life Span depends on various factors like the use of mobile if we use more then we have to charge it more. The battery has a decided life cycle and if the life cycle is complete we have to replace the battery.

Nowadays fast charging is more developed and we can say that it does not affect the battery life.

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