London Engineer Hits the new wold record 178 Terabits just in One Second

Internet Hits the new world record for data transmission 178 TBPS in 1 second. Just Download your favourite shows on prime video and Netflix in less than a second.

First, let me tell you The full form of Tbps is TeraBits per second. And 1TB is equal to 1000 Gigabytes (GB).
178 Terabits just in One Second

World Fastest internet speed.

Engineering is now at the peak level and now University College London (UCL) Hits the new world record for the fastest Internet speed 178Tbps in Just 1 second.

The rate of speed is so fast and it is enough to download anything in just one click. 
Engineers also claimed that it is capable to download the entire Netflix Library in less than a second.
If you are unaware of what is minimum Internet Speed in India let me tell you that minimum Internet speed in India is 2Mbps.
Let me also tell you that the second-fastest Internet speed was 172Tbps and it is introduced by Japan National institute of Communication & Technology in April.

How 178Tbps Speed Achieve?

The Engineering team’s University College London (UCL) Used the combined different amplifier technology to enhance the way Light carried data through the fibre optical to achieve the 178Tbps speed.
The researchers used a high range of optical fibre rather than normal optical fibre. It much faster to Download the favourite show just in a click.
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Team Researchers Dr Lidia Galdibo Say that ” Faster Internet speed is to produce the more economy”.
The Engineer chooses this technology because of the cost-effective and it needs to be only upgrades where amplifier located optical routes.
However, it is only experimenting but we know that technology is not limited and much more improvement is need is our daily life. And the Internet is one of them and our work is not easier without the Internet.

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