5 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India

Today we are going to suggest the 5 best smartwatches under Rs 5000 in India with amazing features and low cost.

Nowadays all things are turning into smart like television Air Condition Refrigerator Mobile etc. And Now it’s Time to change the simple watch into a smartwatch. All Smartwatch companies are in the race to sell their products.

5 Best smartwatch under 5000

Here is List:―

  • Amazfit Bip U – Rs 3,999
  • Realme watch – Rs 3,999
  • Noise ColorFit Nav – Rs 4,199
  • Noise ColorFit pro 2 – Rs 3,499
  • Amazfit Bip S lite – Rs 3,799

Disclaimer: Price and Availability of products are subjected to change without prior notice.

These are some top five amazing smartwatches with a lower price lets talking about their features and price range.

Amazfit Bip U: –

Amazfit is the most popular brand for smartwatches at low cost it has some great features that make the watch feel premium in hand.

Amazfit Bip U Launched in India recently under the affordable prices range Rs 3,999 {price may flexible} with amazing features let’s talk about some major features of Amazfit Bip U.

Best smartwatch under Rs. 5000

Display: Amazfit Bip U comes with 320×320 pixel resolution large color screen which much comfortable for income calls and messages and other work.

Battery and weight: It has a 9 Days Battery life for normal uses and the weight of the smartwatch is about 31Grams which feels light and comfortable in hand.

Others: let’s talk about the tracking measurement features. It has Heart Rate, Blood oxygen level, stress Monitoring, sleeping activities, menstrual cycle tracking, and 60+ sports mode in the smartwatch.

Amazfit Bip U has 50 watch faces that you can customize the watch style according to your choice. It also supports the animated watch style.

Let’s look at some Positive and Negative features of Amazfit Bip U and then it is easy to find out different.


  • 50 Customise and animated face watch.
  • 5ATM water-resistant.
  • 9 Days Battery Life.
  • 60 Plus Spots Mode.
  • In-Built GPS.


  • There is No Always On Display.
  • Answering a call is not possible.
  • TFT LCD Display.

Realme watch: –

Realme is also a popular brand for smartphones at midrange price and now it’s time for a smartwatch. Realme launched its first smartwatch in India

Realme watch comes under 5000 in India with some great features at a lower cost. let’s discuss some major features of the realme watch.

Display: Realme comes with a 320×320 pixel resolution LCD display with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The screen is much sufficient to control music and other activities.

Battery and weight: The battery of realme is 160 mAh it can last up to 10 days depending upon the uses and brightness.

The weight of the realme watch is 31Grams which feel comfortable and lightweight in hand.

Others: let’s talk about tracking activities. It has Blood-oxygen level, Heart Rate tracking, sleeping activities, walking, and running activities. And 14 more sports mode on the realme smartwatch.

Realme watch support smart control with pairing to Realme T.V, Air purifier, smart speaker, Smart lamps, and Realme Buds you able to control their activities.

Now let see some major Positive and Negative point of realme smartwatch and find out the difference.


  • 10 Days Battery life
  • IP68 water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Sports Mode
  • Smart controller


  • There is No Amoled Display
  • There is no microphone.
  • No IOS App

Noise ColorFit Nav: –

Noise is also a midrange accessories selling company it provides the product at the lowest price. And Noise Colorfit Nav is one of them.

Noise company provides the Noise colorfit Nav smartwatch under 5000 in India with super features lets discuss some major specifications of Noise colorfit Nav

Display: Noise colorfit Nave Comes with a 1.4-inch resolution LCD display. which is sufficient to do any activity on the noise colorfit Nav.

Battery and weight: Noise colourfit Nav have 180mAh which gives the up to 4days back up. which is quite not sufficient for some users. weight of Noise colorfit Nav is 40Grams in this weight it is comfortable to wear in hand.

Others: Noise colorfit Nav support the Heart rate, sleeping activities, step counting. Noise colorfit Nav comes with inbuilt GPS and it is easy to navigate directions.

Noise ColorFit Nav has less face watch (approx 10 to 12) which gives the quiet dissatisfaction to the user.

Noise colofit Nav is water resistance and the ratings of IP68 it can go underwater up to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes, but you can’t use your smartwatch while swimming, as claimed by Company.


  • Comfortable wear
  • In-Built GPS
  • Water Resistant IP68 rating
  • Compatible with Android and IOS


  • Less battery life.
  • Less Face watch.
  • TFT LCD Display.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2: –

Noise colorFit pro 2 recently launched in India. It is a midrange smartwatch under 5000 with super features at a lower cost.let’s Discuss some major features of Noise colorfit pro 2.

Display: Noise colorfit pro 2 comes with 320×320 pixel resolution with LCD Display. It also a sufficient and comfortable display size for a smartwatch for doing any activity like receiving an incoming call or reading some WhatsApp message.

Battery and weight: Noise colorfit pro 2 has a 210mAh Battery backup which can last up to 10 days depending upon the type of uses and brightness. The weight of Noise Colorfit pro 2 is 35Gram in this weight the smartwatch feels comfortable in hand.

Others: Talking the activities tracking it has Heart Rate, Blood oxygen level, stress Monitoring, sleeping activities, step counting, and Breath mode. It also supports the sport mode which helps in some major activities like riding on cycle, GYM, and more.

Noise colorfit pro 2 have amazing features for a female its measure the menstrual cycle tracking which helps the female to guess work out for a cycle.

Let’s talk about some positive points and Negative points for Noise colorfit pro 2 and simply find out some differences.


  • Up to 10 days of battery life.
  • Lightweight 35 Gr.
  • Water Resistant IP68.
  • Silicon strap.
  • Comfortable wear


  • Less Face watch
  • Fewer spots mode (up to 9 modes)
  • TFT LCD Display.

Amazfit Bip S Lite: –

As we all Know that amazfit is popular for its smartwatch in India. It launches the smartwatch at a lower cost in India with amazing features. Let’s discuss some major specifications of Amazfit Bip s Lite.

Display: Amazfit Bip s lite comes with 176×176 pixel resolution with TFT LCD Display. It is quite not much sufficient for normal activities on a smartwatch. It also supports the Always On Display features.

Battery and weight: Amazfit Bip s lite have 200mAh Battery which gives up to 30 days as normal uses but backup may be different according to uses brightness. The weight of the Amazfit Bip S lite is only 31grams it is the most lightweight smartwatch in our list. For this weight, it feels more comfortable in hand.

Others: let’s talk about the tracking features. It has Heart Rate, stress Monitoring, sleeping activities, step counter, and sports mode.

Amazfit Bip s lite has more than 50 watch faces that you can customize the watch style according to uses.

Let’s see some major Positive points and Negative points of Amazfit Bip s lite and find out some major differences.


  • More than 50 Face watch.
  • Up to 30 days of battery backup.
  • Ultra-Lightweight only 31gr.
  • Always On Display.


  • Lower screen size
  • Answering a call is not possible.
  • TFT LCD Display.

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