6 Best secret Instagram Tips & Tricks

Instagram is an American social networking service that was created by Kevin Systrom Mike & Krieger and owned by Facebook in 2012.

Today in this article we are sharing the top 6 secret tips and tricks of Instagram. So let’s get started.

Instagram secret tips

List of 6 Best secret tricks:-

  • Hide your story from someone
  • Locking Your Profile
  • 2-Step Verification
  • Stylish Fonts in your Bio
  • See All post you have liked
  • Schedule Your Post

1. Hide Your story from someone.

If you add a story on Instagram and You are worried that all of your friends see your story but you want to show the story to some selected Friends in this case Hiding Story is a great option for you Hiding story on Instagram is a feature that prevents the user to see the story.

How you can prevent some friends or relatives to see your story. The step is explained below the article follow the steps to hide your story on Instagram.

How to Hide Story from someone?

  • Tap On yourProfile picture on the bottom right side.
  • Tap On three-line then Tap on
  • Tap on Privacy then tap story.
  • Select the number of people At the top Hide story from
  • Select friends and relatives, you’d like to hide from then tap on Done.

2. Lock Your Instagram Profile.

If you are on Instagram and some unknown person sees your photos videos and information. And you don’t want to let them do such activities. Locking an Instagram profile is a great option for you. It helps the user to prevent some unknown people to see your information and photos.

If you want to know the process of locking the profile of Instagram, please follow the instructions below the article.

How to Lock your Insta profile?

  • Tap on yourprofile photo.
  • Go tosetting.
  • Tap on Privacy then tap on Account privacy.
  • Select your account to a private account.

3. Two-Step Verification on Instagram.

Instagram gives extra security to its users if you are worried that someone knows your password or you may be worried that your Instagram account may be hacked don’t worry here is the solution for preventing your account to log in to another device.

You have to just enable 2-Step Verification. This means whenever you log in to a new device you have to enter the password and OTP {Sended to your Register Mobile Number}

If you want to know the steps of 2-Step Verification, please follow the instructions mentioned below.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification?

  • Tap On Profile picture at the bottom right.
  • Tap on Three lines then Tap on the setting.
  • Tap on Security then scroll down
  • Tap on 2 Factor Authorization.

4. Add Stylish font in your bio.

If you are using Instagram and you want to add some stylish fonts then you should try this method. The stylish font looks better than the normal font and it attracts people to read your bio on Instagram.

How you can add a stylish font to your Instagram bio if you want to know, please follow the step below the article. you should this method for your Instagram.

How to set the stylish font in your bio?

  • First You have to go to a text generator website like the font.
  • Type whatever you want in the box and choose a font style.
  • Copy Text from the box.
  • Open Instagram then click on the profile picture.
  • Tap on edit profile.
  • Past text in bio then Tap on Done.

5. See All posts you have liked.

Here are some amazing tips for your Instagram. You are using too much Instagram and you have liked too much post and now you want to search for your liked post on Instagram here is the solution.

If you want to discover your liked post on Instagram, please follow the steps mention below in the article.

How to see liked post?

  • Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on Three lines.
  • Then Tap on the setting.
  • Tap on Account then scroll down
  • Tap on the Post you’ve liked

6. Schedule Your Post.

Schedule your post is an option that helps to post your video, and images at a fixed time by the user. By using this feature you can set a timer for your post at a specific time on that time your post is live on Instagram.

But this schedule includes one more step you have to connect your Instagram account to the creator’s studio after connecting you can schedule your Instagram post
If you want to know how you can schedule your post on Instagram, please follow the instructions below the article.

How to Schedule a post?

  • Connect your Instagram account to the Creator Studio.
  • Choose a post want to schedule.
  • Edit your post, if you want {croping, Caption}
  • Tap on Schedule clicking on the arrow at the publish button.
  • Select the Date and Time.

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