Xiaomi Indian Release the stable Update of MIUI 12 For 13 Redmi Mobile – List

Today Xiaomi Indian Release the stable Update of MIUI 12 for the 13 Redmi Mobile Phone. But Due to heavy loads on the server, Everyone does not get the update right now.

List of Smartphone which Gets the update :

  • Redmi Mi k30
  • Redmi Mi K30 5G
  • Redmi Mi k30 pro
  • Redmi Mi k30 pro Zoom
  • Redmi Mi 9
  • Redmi Mi 9 Explore
  • Redmi Mi 9 pro 5G
  • Redmi Mi k20
  • Redmi Mi k20 pro
  • Redmi Mi K20 pro Edition
  • Redmi Mi 10
  • Redmi Mi 10 Pro Edition

Here are not a List of note 7 and 7 pro and note 8 and 8 pros these phones are likely to get the update in the upcoming months as per information the date is not confirmed for the update to this mid-range phone.

Listed above the phone will get the official update from the company. After getting updates on the design of the UI is fully changed. And the new control center is arrived.

Some important Feature Of MiUi 12.

Let’s some important features of MIUI 12 after the update what users will get in there MIUI 12. We only discuss the major features of MIUI 12.

After the update of MIUI 12 User will Get the Custom Live wallpaper. This live wallpaper looks pretty good.

Also, change in Notification and Control Central. In MIUI 12 the new control center arrives and you able to see the new notification Center.

MIUI 12 Also Bring the Change of system Navigation Gestures. Like Home button at the bottom.

Fun Tricks in MIUI 12.

A new style is added in Memory Storage if you shake your mobile you able to see the effect.

To-Do that you have to Go setting and After that, you have to find the About phone section and after visiting just shake the mobile phone to enjoy the effect.

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