Resion Why Mobile Phones Battery Explode? And How to Protect it.

Every year you will find Some News of Explode Mobile Phone batteries. In This Article, we will discuss why Mobile Phone batteries Explode? And How you can protect it.

Explode of Mobile batteries may cause serious damage to the human body and face. For that, we are discussing this serious issues.

Exploding of the Mobile battery may take place for various reasons let’s see one by one. And at the end, we will see how you can protect it.

Exploding of Mobile batteries may take place due to Various reasons {Some Major reason are Mentions below }

  • Manufacturing Defects.
  • Not Using Orignal Charger.
  • Covering Your Phone.
  • Phone Left in the Contact of Sunlight.
  • physical damage.
  • CPU Over Load.
  • Battery Contact with water.
  • Over Charging.

1. Manufacturing Defect.

Many mobile Phone explode due to Manufacturing Defect this defects include Battery drains quickly, Battery overheating, Phone doesn’t change after connecting into mobile charger, Phone automatically restart or shutdown.

These are some major manufacturing defects in Mobile battery these take place due to bad chemical composition of battery.

Solutions For Manufacturing defects in Mobile battery.

If you are facing these problems with your phone you have just simply changed your mobile battery to overcome this problem.

2. Not Using Original Charger.

The reason why mobile batteries explode

Not using the original Charge {which comes with your mobile} may cause serious issues and may drain battery quickly.

It is always recommended to use your original charger while charging the phone.

Many user faced overheating while charging the phone. This happens due to not using the original mobile charger.

To overcome this problem you should always use the original phone charger.

3. Cover your phone.

Sometimes your mobile phone cover with pillow or your body this act can produce heat in Mobile.

Always keep your mobile phone in good place or without covering it.

4. Phone left in Contact of Sunlight.

Phone left in contact of sunlight.

If your mobile phone is left in contact with Sunlight this may cause many issues like damage to yor LCD or internal components.

An extreme rise in temperature can have many problems slowing down your device’s heat can also cause the battery to leak or can permanently damage your mobile battery.

It is always recommended by the manufacturing company do not to leave your mobile in contact with sunlight,

5. Physical Damage.

Physical damage may include dropping your mobile self pinching, heating or bending your mobile.

This dangerous act may cause to explode your mobile phone battery. It’s always recommended don’t bend your mobile phone.

Sometimes Bending the mobile would have caught fire in its battery, always safe dont bend the Phone

6. CPU Over Loaded.


Sometimes many applications run in the mobile background which causes an increase in temperature.

Also, you will face lag on your mobile phone with lag it is difficult to control or monitor your mobile phone.

Alway close unnecessary apps running on your phone this will help you to save your ram and battery.

7. Battery Contact with water.

When the battery comes into contact with water many problems may occur like overheating messages. Decrease the life of the battery.

Always remember when the battery comes in contact with water immediately turn it off. Try to take out the water.

If possible open the mobile and clean and dry water. Please be confirm that there is no water in mobile before switching on.

8. Over Charging.

Nowadays Overcharging is not a major issue for new devices because it comes with auto disconnect features in phones. But what about old devices that don’t support these important features.

In old devices, auto disconnect features are not available due to this device heat afte full charging.

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