Things to Know Before Buying Apple Homepad Mini Soundbox.

Apple recently launched Homepad Mini Soundbox but before buying it you should now everything about Apple Homepad mini.

Apple Homepad mini launched in different colors in India like orange, yellow, white, Space Gray, and Blue. You can buy it from the official Apple Store website or Flipkart.

Apple homopadmini

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What is Apple Homopad Mini Speaker?

As the Name indicates Apple Homopad mini is a small smart speaker which comes with Siri Smart Assistant. You can use Homopad mini for calling, listening to music or sending messages and various features like this.

Apple Homopad Mini comes with Smart sound which gives you a clear and loud sound. The design of Homopad mini is rounded shape.

Homopad mini also comes with interconnect facility by using these features you can connect your various Homopad mini at a time.

How To Connect Apple Homepad Mini Speaker to iPhone?

Connecting to Homepad mini with iphone is not much harder. you can connect it giveing power supply to homopad mini.

Let’s see the steps of connecting of homepad mini to iphone. Follow the steps.

How to Setup Homepod Mini?

  • Plug your Homepod Mini into power.
  • Wait for white light blinking on the top of the homepod mini.
  • Unlock your phone and wait. Be sure your Wi-Fi is open.
  • Then a pop-up will display as homepod mini.
  • Click on Set Up. And set all necessary things.
  • After completing the setup you are ready to use it.

If Homepod mini is not displaying on the screen then you can add it manually by visiting the Home app and pressing the Plus {+} icon in the iPhone.

What Can Homepod Mini Do?

Apple Homepod mini can do various work like calling your friends & family, listening to music, Opening an app, finding something on the internet, and various work like this all are discussed, Bellow.

Texting Message: Homepod Mini can use as a texting message you can text a message to family or friends By Saying Hey, Siri Text message to Monika, I’m at home now.

Find Your Phone: If your phone is kept somewhere in your house and you are not able to find it. Then Homepad mini can help you to find your phone just by saying Hey, Siri where is my phone.

Listen to Music: It is easy to listen to your favorite music in different music applications like Ganna and JioSawan just by saying Hey, Siri play New Songs on Ganna.

Control Accessories: You can easily control your home accessories like bulbs, blinds, and thermostats by Apple Homepad Mini just saying Hey, Siri Turn off the bulb at 9 P.M.

Location: By using Apple Homepod Mini you can get location details and directions Just by saying Hey, Siri What is the distance between Distance 1 to Distance 2.

Convert Units: You can easily convert units, or distances just by saying Hey, Siri how many meters in 1 kilometer or convert 1 inch in centimeters.

Call to SomeOne: It is urgent to call your friends while sleeping in your bed just by saying Hey, Siri call friend 1.

These are some points of the Apple homepod mini that can do make your daily life easier. If you found this article is helpful for you then, please share it, and also if you have suggestions, please message us.

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