Google Hidden Features – You never know

Life Becomes Easier when you know the right direction and some tips. In this article, you will learn some amazing Hidden features of Google that use in your daily life.

In this article, you will learn the most important tip from Google and after that, I’m sure that you love it.

In this, we are going to tell you total of three Hidden features from Google { short but helpful} so let’s start.

  • Google Assistant Can read the article, News.
  • Flip to silence the phone call
  • Find My Device.

Google Assistant Can Read News

Do you know Google assistant can read your article, News whatever you search on Google, But how?

Well this article tells how you can command your Google assistance to read your article News.

Google Assistant work when you say Hey Google Read This article, Then Google Assistant starts reading your article. Try it now

But wait if you do not enable the setting this trick doesn’t work. If you getting the pop-up to enable the setting then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Enable Google Assistant For Reading News?

  • Open Google Search my account
  • Tap on Manage your Google Account
  • Then go to personal info.
  • Then go to Accessibility at the bottom
  • Open it and on turn Google voice

After turning on the setting you are ready to rock. Just take a rest and say hey Google read this article and boom Google assistant starts reading your article, news

Flip to silence or mute the Phone call

Flip to silence in Google dialer

Flip to silence the phone call is available on Google dialer if you are using the Google dialer then you can take the advantage of this feature.

Flip to silence feature allows Android users to mute the incoming call by just face down the mobile on a flat surface.

Suppose you are in a meeting or talking to someone and suddenly your phone rings and you don’t want to cut the phone call then just face down the mobile to mute the call.

Now moving to the important point that how you can enable the Flip to silence the phone in Google dialer.

How to turn on Flip to silence in Google Dialer?

  • Open the Google Dialer
  • Tap On three Dot at the top
  • Then Scroll down.
  • At the Bottom, You will find Flip to silence
  • Click On that and Turn on the features.

Find My Device – Just Saying Hey Google Find My Device

Find my device by Google assistant

Find my device is a great feature by Google if your phone keeps in another room in silent mode and you are unable to find it. Then here is the solution for you.

But your other phone is linked to the same Gmail account. If your mobile is not linked to the same Gmail you are not able to find it.

If your mobile is linked to the same Gmail account then you are ready to Go You have to only say Hey, Google Find my device after That Google assistant shows the device linked to Your Gmail, Click on the device want to find it.

After clicking your phone gets ringing it does not matter if your mobile is silent or in normal mode.

Thank you for reading the article if you find something helpful for you then, please share it.

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