Within two weeks Nothing Phone 1 gets Android 13 Update.

Nothing Phone {1} will get a beta Android 13 update within two weeks this information came from Carl Pei.

We know Nothing Phone gets popular because of its design and many users like it.

Carl Pel says that nothing phone 1 user can get the Android 13 beta update on their phone and some can download it now.

nothing phone1 image

Nothing Phone 1 users are extracted to download the Latest Google Android version on its smartphone.

This information is provided by carl pei on Twitter who says those who have nothing phone 1 can get an open beta update within two weeks and a close update is available now some users can download it.

Pei didn’t explain how users can get the latest Android on it nothing phone 1

Here is a tweet from carl pei saying about the Android 13 beta update.

Twitter: Carl pei Tweet

We expect in the Upcoming weeks more information is available on download how a user can download the latest Android version of Nothing Phone 1.

We think it is difficult to join the open beta update in Nothing Phone 1 and there is no clear information about which country will get the Beta Android 13 update in Nothing Phone 1.

However, if nothing gets the latest android 13 update they will be able to test the Android 13 features. Also, remember this update is not the final version of Android 13 this is only a beta testing update.

After this, a stable update will be pushed by the company and that is the final version of the Android 13.

However, Android 13 has some great improvements like more control over privacy, battery performance improvement, Great graphics, camera improvement, and many more like this.

Let’s wait for the upcoming days to receive the Android 13 Update on nothing phone 1.

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