7 Pro Tips for Twitter Users – everyone should know

These 7 tips for Twitter will make you a pro-Twitter user. If your are not using twitter then please use it and try this tips.

Twitter is most popular social media and nowadays Twitter rules also changed.

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We are going to share some unknown tricks about Twitter must follow it. Mention below 5 tips that are explained in detail. Make sure to read it carefully.


  • Best Time to tweet
  • Use #hashtag.
  • Use dark mode in Tweeter
  • Retweet your own tweets.
  • Arrange your feed using list options.
  • Unroll the thread.
  • Tag your favorite Person.

1. The Best time to tweet on Twitter.

Usually when you tweet your post doesn’t get more engagement or not performed as your expected. Here is a small tip or the best time to tweet on Twitter.

Always tweet between 7 to 9 Am Monday or Thursday this doesn’t mean tweeting on other days doesn’t perform your post. But generally this time more users are online on Twitter.

Some research shows us tweeting at 8 Am on Monday is the best time on the tweeter. Just try it.

2. Use hashtags on Twitter.

Twitter is nothing without #hastag because it describes a particular topic and always use relevant hashtags to the topics.

Using hashtags to get more impressions and engagement doesn’t mean your post will get very high views and impressions.

Using hashtags will give a possibility to appear in the search result if a user will search on that topic.

3. Use Dark mode in Twitter.

Dark Mode is convenient features of smartphone as well this also include in some polpular apps and website.

By using dark mode it gives rest to your eyes and mind, especially at night you can turn on the dark mode by visiting your Twitter application.

To turn on dark mode tap on your profile picture and at the right bottom, you will see a bulb icon click on that then choose on options.

4. Retweet your own tweets.

Well in mind the first question is why do I retweet my old tweets? In some cases, your old tweets don’t get the impression of your expectations but retweets will solve your problem.

Before retweeting always remember the time and trends on tweeter. Your old tweet will become new after you retweet it.

5. Arrange your feed as your Exception.

On tweeter, you follow various accounts for various reasons like Music, News, actors, politics, etc. This doesn’t give feed you like.

But suppose you like the first funny second music then you can set the feed as your preference

To set up your feed tap on the profile picture and at the top right click on three dots and select the list after set your favorite feed.

6. UnRoll a thread with help of boat.

When a long thread is posted on Twitter it is very difficult to read them but worry not. You can shorten the thread with the help of a Twitter bot.

You just need to tag the app’s Twitter handle and type ‘Unroll’ as a reply now your work is done boat will send a link of the thread which appears in a shorter version and it is easy to read.

7. Tag any person on Twitter.

Tagging a person is not limited to Twitter you can tag anyone even if that person is not following you.

If you tag a person on Twitter that person will get a notification in the notification feed and that person able to read your tag post.

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