What is Wi-Fi 6? Why it is better – Everything about Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 or also known as IEEE 802.11ax. It was proposed by The Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineer {IEEE}

Before you use wifi 6 or buy it you should be aware of its pros like how faster is wifi 6 or conectivity range. Everything you will find in the article.

wifi 6

Before going to its advantages Let’s start with some basic points of Wi-Fi 6.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest version of Wi-Fi also known as IEEE 802.11ax. The journey of the online world becomes more easier with Wi-Fi 6. It Offers more Speed, stability, battery life, and strong connectivity.

Highlights Of Wi-Fi 6.

  • Better in Speed Upto 9.6Gbps.
  • Better in Battery Life.
  • Less Bandwidth Connection.
  • Wi-Fi 6 is More Secure.
  • More speed in Data transfer through Wi-Fi 6.

How Wi-Fi 6 works?

Wi-Fi 6 works on radio waves.{ Radio waves are the form of electromagnetic radiation.} Frequency of Wi-Fi 6 is higher than Wi-Fi 5 which means it carries Higher data transfer.

Wi-Fi 6 runs on both bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz that why wifi 6 is more cable to transmit data faster than wifi 5.

Why Wi-Fi 6 is Better?

Wi-Fi 6 is better than various factors like speed, connectivity, and Security compared to Wi-Fi 5. All the factors are Discussed Below.

  • Consume Less Battery: Wifi 6 is better in power Saving of your mobile with TWT {Target Wake Time} technology this allows the client and router when a connection can take place.
  • Better In Speed: If you are using WiFi 6 you can play 8k video without buffering.
  • Better in Connectivity: Wifi 6 takes less time to connect the router.
  • More Secure: It is more difficult to hack or crack wifi 6 passwords because it required using WPA3 Security Format.

What is the Maximum Speed of Wi-Fi 6?

The Maximum speed of Wi-Fi 6 9.6Gbps. Imagine you can download any movie with one click or just a second. According to this, you can watch an 8k video without Buffering.

Wifi 6 is much faster than the wifi 5 according to the result maximum speed of Wi-Fi 5 is 3.5 Gbps which is less than Wifi 6.

Mobile Phones With Wi-Fi 6.

Many Mobile is launched this year but some selected device has Wi-Fi 6 because it costly as compared to Wi-Fi 5.

A list of Mobile Phone which has Wi-Fi 6 is Given below. We only include some popular devices.

List Of Mobile With Wi-Fi 6.
1. iPhone 11 & 11Pro 6. OnePlus 8 & 8Pro 11. iPhone 12
2. iPhone 11 Pro 7. Samsung Glxy S10 & S10E 12. iPhone 12 Pro
3. iPhone SE 8. Samsung Glxy S10 13. iPhone 12 Pro Max
4. LG V60 thinQ 9. Samsung Glxy S20 14. iPhone 12 Pro Mini
5.Motorola Edge Plus 10. Samsung Glxy Fold 15. Huawei P40 Pro

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