How To Remove Password from pdf file – step by step

How to Remove password from pdf file? : Whenever you got a bank statement, mobile bills there is a password protective pdf file. This is because these files contain private and sensitive data.

In this article, we are going to tell how you can easily remove the password from a pdf file.

remove password from pdf

There are two methods first is online second offline. Both methods are working and easy.

Removing the password from the pdf file requires you to know the correct password of the Pdf file.

The aim of this article is just for your help. But always keep in mind that you have full permission or rights to edit or modify the pdf file.

Before proceeding with any steps we strongly recommend you please review the Terms & Conditions and also Privacy Policy of the third party website and applications. How they handle your Data.

Disclaimer: Before proceeding any steps we first clear that these methods are just meant to help you to access your pdf file in simple way.

There are two different methods for removing password from pdf file. Online and offline. First, we see the online process of password removal from the pdf file. And then offline process.

How To Remove password from pdf online?

Removing Password online works on every single device doesn’t matter if you’ve Android or Pc.

Removing password from pdf file online is simple go to the website upload the document and download it. let’s see the process one by one.

Remove password from Pdf Online?.

  • Open Browser
  • Type in search bar
  • Click on Choose file
  • Tick the box
  • After that Provide Correct Password of PDF file.
  • After Providing Password Your Pdf file is ready to Download Just Download it.

By following these simple steps, you can easily unlock your pdf file online. But only you need the Internet connection to do this work.

Now move to another offline method. In offline you need to download the app for doing this work so let’s see.

How to Remove password from pdf offline in Android?

While removing the password please keep in mind that you have full rights to edit, modify the Pdf file.

If you want to remove the password from the pdf file, please follow the steps mention below.

Remove password from Pdf file in Android?

  • Open Play Store and Download pdf Utility
  • After that open app and select your pdf file
  • After that a popup will open enter the correct password in popup box
  • Save the pdf file
  • Now you able to open your pdf file without password

Now let’s see how you can remove password on iPhone. You have to download an app from AppStore.

How to remove password from pdf on iPhone or iPad?

Removing password in iPhone is simple and easy if you want to remove the password from pdf file just follow the instructions mention below in the article.

Remove password from Pdf in iPhone or iPad?

  • Open AppStore and Download The Document app
  • After that open the files manager where pdf located.
  • After that long press on the pdf file for action menu and open with Document app
  • You will now be prompted to type the password to open it. Once the File is opened in the Document app
  • After that tap on three dots at the top corner
  • Then tap on change password
  • Now you can change or remove the password from the pdf file
  • Now you able to open your pdf file without password

By following these simple steps you able to easily remove password from pdf from your mobile or pc.

In some cases, if these methods not work, please try the online method for password removal from pdf file through the browser.

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